Our Services

  • Custom Application Development

    Today there are excellent packaged applications for a wide variety of business needs. But your organization may have some unique needs, and we can build systems to meet those special requirements. We use powerful tools from Microsoft, like SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, Access / VBA, and SQL Server Reporting Services to create systems quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Reporting Systems

    Whatever systems you are using in your business, you need to be able to translate the data stored in those systems to the information you need to manage your business. We can help! Using a variety of reporting tools we can build systems to get that important information to the people who need it when they need it.
  • Made2Manage ® Reports and Add-ons

    We've created hundreds of reports for Made2Manage® users, and our large library of existing reports allows us to address all your reporting requirements quickly and efficiently. We can create or modify Made2Manage® Visual FoxPro reports and have been a leader in the development of SQL Server Reporting Services reports. Ask us about other custom applications to enhance the standard Made2Manage® functionality.
  • CORE Informatics Platform Support

    Does your organization rely on the CORE LIMS (laboratory information management system) platform to support laboratory operations? Our team has experience supporting a variety of needs related to the maintenance and enhancement of this powerful platform, including:
    • LIMS Administration and Configuration
    • LIMS Custom Data Design
    • Creation of Custom Reporting Tools to complement available LIMS reporting functionality
    • Platform Upgrade Project Planning and Management (including testing plan design and documentation)
    • Consulting on Strategies for Integrating LIMS into Laboratory Workflows
    • Creation of Custom Workflow Management Tools to complement those already available as part of the LIMS
    • Platform End-User Training
    Schroth Systems Consulting can act as a partner in managing and enhancing your organization's experience with the CORE Informatics ecosystem. Core LIMS is a trademark of Core Informatics. Schroth Systems Consulting, Inc. is not connected or affiliated with Core Informatics in any way.
  • Support for Orphaned Applications

    Do you have a custom application developed by a company or individual that you no longer have a relationship with or who may no longer be available? We call those applications "orphaned applications" because you may be left with no one to turn to for support or modifications. Whether your application was developed in Access, Excel, FoxPro, Visual Basic, ASP or others, we have the experience and knowledge to quickly take over the support and maintenance of those applications.
  • Soil Test Lab Reporting Systems

    Our Soil Test Reporting System was created in conjunction with soil scientists from several New England universities, using the Microsoft technology and was designed for flexibility. It’s able to create reports for a wide variety of products including Soil Test Analysis, Compost Analysis, Plant Tissue Analysis and Textural Analysis. Automatic emailing of reports and automatic generation and storage of PDF reports simplify your daily tasks, and the system even tracks your accounts receivable. A powerful recommendation engine allows you to easily customize the comments shown on a report based on lab results and crops selected without having to reprogram.
  • Technology Upgrades for Legacy Applications

    Are your custom applications using technology that’s past its prime? Those applications may not work under newer operating systems and may also have security vulnerabilities. We can help you convert those legacy applications to run under the latest environments, and take advantage of the capabilities of the latest software and database products.
  • BlackLine Account Reconciliation Support

    Whether it’s properly configuring account segments, properly assigning template types, effectively using BlackLine’s auto-reconciliation features or setting up consolidation reconciliations under CIM, we can help! Our Reporting Systems team can also address system load and timeliness issues, if those are a concern.
  • Embedded System Development

    We have extensive experience with embedded applications, with both C and C++ development. Our experience spans several microcontroller architectures, including 8051, PIC, ARM and others, We work with Linux, Windows CE and RTOS applications, and have more than 10 years experience developing communication devices, specifically for RS-232, Multidrop Bus (MDB), Bluetooth, SPI, CAN and I 2 C protocols.